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  • Image of Essential Bike Tour of Downtown Mexico City

    Mexico City Essentials

    Come and ride from the Aztec Ruins to the hipster neighborhoods, while you eat 3 delicious varieties of tacos and learn about history, society and architecture.

  • Image of Taco Bike Tour of Downtown Mexico City

    Downtown Tacos & History Tour

    Come and discover the origins of Mexico City, going from the main streets and squares to the lesser-known corners of the Historic Center. During the tour you will eat a wide variety of tacos, from pastor tacos to sweat basket tacos.

  • Image of Architectural Bike Tour in Mexico City


    The Chic neighborhoods of Mexico City have a secret: they were designed by architects. Come and discover the urban and architectural origin of these neighbourhoods. In addition to knowing the emblematic streets and buildings, you will eat in a legendary taqueria in Condesa and you will visit the largest urban park in the country.

  • Image of south side Mexico City tour

    Mexico City South Side

    Bike throught the spanish 16th century towns (San Angel & Coyoacán) and the modernist campus of the National University.

  • Image of Urban Bike Tour North in Mexico City

    Mexico City North Side

    The Urban Tour focuses on the urban growth that the city had, from the first neighborhoods of the 19th century to the industrial zones of the 50s in Mexico City.

  • Image of Coyoacán Bike Tour in CDMX

    Coyoacán Bike Tour

    More than 500 years surround Coyoácan and its surroundings, come to learn and learn about its stories and events by touring them by bicycle.

  • Image of Market Bike Tour in Mexico City

    Markets Tour / From jamaica flowers market to san juan gourmet market

    Mexico its one of the most famous tourist destinies in terms of gastonomy around the world. Join us to visit the epicenter of food and culture: the markets. During the experience your 5 senses will turn on, due to the large amount of food, people, products and places you are going to visit.